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Lacquered wood erbei (eared-cup)
China, Western Han dynasty,
206BC - 25AD
Damaged in transit - claim paid
We take great pride in offering the highest levels of expertise and dedicated personal service to all clients.
As a specialist fine art insurance broker we have over 35 years of experience in dealing with private clients and the art and antiques market and we enjoy a reputation for creating well-ordered, tailored solutions for private and commercial art risks.
  1. Accidental Damage at Home
    Accidental Damage at Home
  2. Damaged in Transit
    Damaged in Transit
  3. Water Damaged
    Water Damaged
  4. Cracked in Transit
    Cracked in Transit
  5. Broken in Transit
    Broken in Transit
  6. Stolen from Gallery
    Stolen from Gallery
Do you have any fine art that isn’t insured? Whether you are insuring your prized possessions or if you are an antique dealer, Richard Thompson Insurance Brokers have over 35 years of experience in the UK art insurance industry you can trust us to insure your fine art, whilst we always offer the highest levels of personal service to all clients.
As specialist fine art insurance brokers, we offer insurance to a variety of different client types. We deal with both commercial companies, to museums, to private clients, offering all of them a bespoke, tailored solution to satisfy their needs. For private clients, we realise that your fine art collections not only offer great sentimental value, but are also extremely valuable financial assets that should be covered in the event of them being lost, stolen or damaged. Our art insurance service is also available at astonishingly low prices, with premiums for collectors starting from just £3.50 per month, meaning you can put your mind at rest regarding highly valued items.
Also, as leading UK fine art insurance brokers, we offer a highly specialised service for commercial clients, auction houses and for museums and galleries. For commercial clients and dealers, we believe that our policies are exceptional just like the pieces of art that we are insuring. We have a highly qualified and experienced team that work with leading art insurance brokers in order to tailor the cover to your specific needs. We also offer advice on other insurance areas such as buildings, general content, business interruption and public liability cover.
With the highest level of expertise and a dedicated personal service, if you have any fine art then we believe that we are the leading insurance brokers of choice that can tailor our service to any specific need.
Richard Thompson Insurance Brokers. Established in 1977
The highest levels of expertise and dedicated personal service